Monday, 24 September 2007

No Nuts

Went for a walk with Rosie on Sunday, back from the Three Horsehoes to her house through the hazel nut grove. Picked loads of nuts which the Squirrels seemed to have left, only to get home and discover that they were either hollow or gone off. Left it a few weeks to late I think, even though all the books said mid-September onwards. We also found this little fellow (below).

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Tomatoes doing good - at last!

Well at last my tomatoes have come good! (at leat those that survived) I've had sweet juicy cherry Gardeners Delight in my lunch box every day this week, with these Harbringers (above) ripenening up quickly too. I think it's all the dry weather doing them good. I've had to do a lot of watering lately though, seems very dry for September after such a wet July.

We've also been eating loads of runner beans lately too. Definately the biggest success so far, theres some to pick almost every day!

The bad news is that I'm fearing the worst for my Broccoli, which have been completely descimated by baby slugs. The Sprouts are hanging on in. Time will tell.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Adventures with Jam!

On Bank Holiday weekend, Rosie and I went to stay with her Grandad, Reg, who lives in the tiny village of Campsea Ashe in Suffolk. The hedgerows in the fields near his house are full of ripe damsons (or wild plums... can anyone explain the difference?) and sloes. We picked loads to bring home, along with some early apples from Reg's garden. On the way back we stopped off at 'Jimmy's Farm' (of TV fame) to feed some sheep, see the pigs and the herb/veg garden and buy some fresh organic pork (Rosie's a veggie but I still buy organic meat from farms if I know it's had a good life).

We'd be hoping to pick lots of blackberries but they're not ripe in Suffolk yet. We made up for it this weekend by picking a few kilos in Kingsley on Sat along with more sloes. We got surrounded by a herd of about 30 curious cows at one point who kept trying to creep up to us by the hesdge before following us all the way accross the feild, keeping about 5 paces behind the whole time. Although it was quite funny, there was also something slightly unerving about a gang of cows breathing down your neck!

Once back at Rosie's we made 12 jars of sweet damson jam, a lovely Apple and Blackberry crumble and a few litres of sloe gin. On Sunday we noticed a heavy cropping wild greengage tree oppposite her house, so had to make a few jars of that before going on to make of 10 bramble jam and 3 spiced apple chutney. Mmmm.... I ate so much jam this weekend!

In other news, Henry and I are going down to see our new allotment tomorrow night! Going to measure it up and then go down the pub to mull over our plans...