Monday, 16 July 2007

Hazel grove & Sugar Snaps

Went to the Farmer's Market in Alton with Rosie on Saturday and bought lots of local cheese, pastries, bread, beer, fruit wine and cider. Mmmmm. Went for a pub lunch afterwards and walked back to Kingsley from East Wordham. On the way we found a whole grove of bountiful Hazel Nut Trees Will have to go back nutting in late August/September.

We also came across this snake. We assumed it was a Grass snake but couldn't tell if it was an Adder or not. Thankfully the dogs didn't even notice.

I came home yesterday to find some of my Mangetout Sugar Snap peas are ready already! This is despite a lot of the plants being chewed to bits by slugs that can apparently climb the plastic netting I put up as well as they can. Picked a handful to stop them getting too big and spoiling the yeild. Had one fresh off the stem which was really tasty. Also picked more loose leaf lettuce and rocket.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sprouts & Carrots

Now we've cleared some space by eating some of the potatoes, I've been able to put two of my brussel sprouts in at last. I planted some chinese leaf salad in between to pick as baby leaf before they use all of the 2.3 ft of space they need. The plot is now full to bursting point.

The rain seems to be helping most stuff grow. My carrots have formed a thick forest of tops.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Mushroom feast and incredibly early blackberries!

More rain = more mushrooms! :)

Because I'm back home this week I was able to go down the Leg'O'Mutton field with Dad earlier and got a whole punnet of tasty fresh Field Mushrooms. I can smell the risotto we're cooking them in as I type and it's making my mouth water. If my parents hadn't gone and bought so many cultivated ones last week I would have been down there every day! Will probably go back on Friday for more.

On the way home we swung by Leigh Hill for some raspberries. there weren't many worth having as the birds like them too, but we did find three of four ripe blackberries! That's unbelievably early, we're hardly out of June!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

More rain, more spuds and some flowers

Its been raining solidly for weeks now. Today saw sunshine interspersed with heavy showers, crashing thunder and lightning flashes on all sides. I can see a rainbow out my window at the moment.

Last night we had some more fresh epicure new potatoes for dinner with quiche. They were really nice with butter and parsley. They just melt in your mouth!

Today I've found the first flowers on my peas....

...and my rocket which I guess means its gone to seed. The rocket has been a great success so far, we have it with almost every meal! It's really tasty and easy to look after.

With all the rain everything's been growing like mad. These Bolthardy beetroot are looking good.